At Mercer Cleaning Supplies we are proud to supply top-quality equipment for the food service industry, including dishwashers manufactured by Canadian Manufacturer Moyer Diebel, and U.S. manufacturers CMA and Champion. These trusted brands are known for their durability, reliability, and exceptional performance, making them the perfect choice for busy commercial kitchens.

In addition to dishwashers, we also offer a range of other equipment, such as Encore pre-rinse units, Hatco, and Temp Sure water heaters, SanJamar and Frost dispensers, and Custom Stainless products. All of our equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, providing peace of mind to our customers and ensuring that they receive only the highest quality products.

We understand the importance of having reliable equipment in the food service industry, which is why we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional products and services. From dishwashers to water heaters and dispensers, we have everything you need to keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly and efficiently.


We have a variety of dish room machines available to suit the individual needs of any foodservice operation. From small undercounter dishwasher machines to waste management systems, our machines are essential for preparing, cleaning, and serving food in operations of all sizes.

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Our professional glass washers are the ideal choice for bars and tight spaces. They can clean and sanitize up to 2,000 glasses per hour, while offering up to 12 inches of clearance for taller stemware.

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The “TEMP-SURE” is mounted to the side of dishmachine, not requiring any of your valuable kitchen space, and provides an additional 40 degrees of temperature rise to your incoming dishmachine water supply, which will help prevent your existing water supply source from being over burdened.

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Stainless Products

We specialize in providing quality stainless steel products for restaurant kitchens, and offer a range of products designed to meet the needs of commercial foodservice operations. Some of the stainless steel products we provide include dishwasher tabling, shelving, sinks, and more.

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Dishwasher Tabling

Mercer Cleaning Supplies offers dishwasher tabling that is specifically designed to support commercial dishwashers. These tables provide a sturdy and convenient surface for placing dirty dishes and utensils before they are loaded into the dishwasher. They are typically made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures durability and resistance to corrosion.

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Stainless steel shelving is essential for keeping the kitchen organized and maximizing storage space. Mercer Cleaning Supplies offers a variety of stainless steel shelving options, including wall-mounted shelves, free-standing units, and wire shelving. Stainless steel shelves are known for their strength, cleanliness, and ability to withstand heavy loads, making them ideal for restaurant kitchens.

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Restaurant sinks need to be durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. Mercer Cleaning Supplies provides stainless steel sinks that are specifically designed for commercial kitchens. These sinks are available in different sizes and configurations to suit various kitchen needs, such as single or multiple compartments, with or without drainboards. Stainless steel sinks are popular in the foodservice industry due to their resistance to staining, rusting, and bacterial growth.

In addition to these products, Mercer Cleaning Supplies offers other stainless steel items like worktables, countertops, cabinets, and more. Contact us for specific information about our product offerings, pricing, and availability.


Mercer Cleaning Supplies is a Distributor of Premium Plumbing Products.

Encore’s plumbing product line is recognized worldwide by leading foodservice operators, industrial, and institutional facilities for its durability, water savings, energy efficiency, and sanitation standards. A commitment to excellence in engineering has allowed Encore to constantly innovate and achieve an outstanding record of accomplishment.

The stylish and contemporary Encore pre-rinse assemblies and faucets have been designed to stand up to the most rigorous industry use. One of the most important features of the Encore line is its ability to mix and match components in virtually any combination to meet even the most unique design specification or requirement.

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