Carpet Prespotter

Carpet Prespotter is a product specially designed for the treatment of stains and soils on carpets. It is particularly effective when used in conjunction with normal cleaning procedures such as extraction or dry-foam shampoo techniques. Carpet Prespotter can be diluted from 1:1 to 1:3 with water to pre-treat heavily soiled traffic lanes such as carpeted doorways, in front of counters, and areas between desks, to facilitate complete soil removal during normal cleaning. When used as a spotting agent for occasional spills, Carpet Prespotter should be sponged from carpet; this will prevent the stain from setting until the carpet is cleaned by regular procedures. Carpet Prespotter is effective against a wide variety of stains such as tar, grease, oil, gum, foods, wine, cola, coffee and tea, wood stain, alkyd paints, latex paints and lipstick, pet stains, stamp pad inks and candle wax.

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Safety Data Sheets

SDS Carpet Prespotter - Eng

SDS Carpet Prespotter - Frn