Foaming Quat Cleaner

Foaming Quat Cleaner is a high foaming, high detergency quaternary cleaner with the ability to generate stable cleansing foam with deodorizing and sanitizing properties. It is a clear, colourless to slightly yellow liquid with a blend of builders and surfactants to provide excellent cleaning and oil and grease emulsification. Foaming Quat Cleaner is especially formulated for use through a Mercer foam gun or other similar applicators to hard surfaces. It is equally effective when applied through a high-pressure spray-cleaning unit. Use Foaming Quat Cleaner on vertical surfaces such as walls, containers, equipment, mixing vats, etc. It’s thick, stable foam clings to vertical surfaces, cleaning and sanitizing at the same time. Use also on table tops, floors and other  food processing areas. It can be used on a variety of hard surfaces such as stainless steel, tile and painted surfaces and can also be used as a door sanitizer. Prolonged contact of strong dilutions of Foaming Quat Cleaner with aluminum and other soft metals is not recommended.

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